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SolderSmoke Podcast #237 Video

SolderSmoke podcast #237 is available: http://soldersmoke.com/soldersmoke237.mp3 Travelogue — New York City! Stickers! And about that trip to Los Angeles for the SolderSmoke Cable TV show… Well, it fit in well with SolderSmoke the book’s UNFORGETTABLE appearance on the Oprah book club. And TechieTatts?

QRP Labs

Introducing QCX-mini 5W CW transceiver!

The miniature version of our popular QCX 5W CW transceiver, with special portable-friendly features for SOTA and other portable operators: – Small size: 95 x 63 x 25mm enclosure (plus protusions) – Low current consumption (58mA receive at 12V supply no LCD backlight) – Low weight, 202 grams – Sturdy

QDX: new digital transceiver kit by QRP Labs

4 band 5W transceiver (5W at 9V supply) 80/40/30/20m solid state band and tx/Rx switching. Built-in 24-bit 48ksps USB sound card. Built-in USB virtual COM serial for CAT control. High performance embedded SDR SSB receiver. Single signal Class D push pull transmitter. Built-in signal generator and test tools.

QRP Labs HQ tour

A short introduction to the founding of QRP Labs and a tour of QRP Labs HeadQuarters! This live ZOOM video presentation was recorded at the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on 08-Aug-2020 at 1800 UT.

QRP Labs products and kit building discussion.

Recording of Zoom presentation to ARRL Idaho, on 08-Oct-2020 at 0100Z. Story of the founding and evolution of QRP Labs, with an introduction to all the kits in the product range, what’s coming soon, and some comments on kit building in general.

G-QRP Club Convention 2020: Hans G0UPL – Projects, QCX and Beyond

Hans, G0UPL, talks us through his early days of radio construction and the development of his QRPLabs kits with a look forward to the next big thing…

G-QRP Convention Videos

Steve, G0KYA, shares his experience of building and using End Fed Half Wave Antennas

Recorded live during the G-QRP Club Virtual Convention 2021.

G QRP Club 2020 Convention: Steve G0KYA HF Propagation Tools

Steve looks at some of the current tools available to predict what the ionosphere is up to and how that can help in seeking out your QRP contacts.


RSGB 2021 Online Convention presentation – Intro to ham radio satellites

Sean Kutzko, KX9X Amateur radio satellite operating is one of the fastest-growing areas of the hobby worldwide. Sean will introduce you to the world of amateur radio satellites. He will give a beginners’ guide on how the satellites function, what equipment is needed to access them, and some introductory concepts to help make it easier for you to get started in this facet of amateur radio.

RSGB Convention lecture 2015 – Clean up your shack

Ian White, GM3SEK gives helpful advice about how to reduce noise levels on receive and avoid causing RF Interference. The video is copyright RSGB and the PowerPoint slides and presentation are reproduced by kind permission of Ian White who retains copyright of the material.

RSGB 2021 Online Convention presentation – Portable operating for the terrified or inspired

Michael Sansom, G0POT This presentation should help you try out portable operating or improve your results. Many of us are finding that operating from home is challenging. Levels of urban radio frequency interference (RFI) seem to be on the up and many of us have limited space or live in apartments or rented accommodation making aerial erection difficult.