My Station

Hello and thanks for visiting my amateur radio and electronics Blog. I operate 160m – 13cm (and I am working on improving my 9cm, 6cm and 3cm equipment over the coming year. I operate SSB and digital modes and on CW (badly but trying to improve!). Locator: IO91SO, Worked all Britain Square TQ19. My current equipment line-up:

Icom 7600
Icom 7300
Kenwood 530SP
Yaesu 857/817
Atlas 210X
Swan SW80A
Heathkit HW7,8,9
QRP Labs: QCX 20, QCX 40, Ultimate 3, QCX Mini (40m)
HF Sigs: Bitx40, uBitx (+1 x H/B Bitx 20)

Acom 1010 Amplifier

VHF and above
Yaesu FT991
Icom 751H
Kenwood TR751E (x2)

SG Labs Transverters for 23cm and 13cm
MuTek Transverters for 6m and 2m

Tokyo HP amplifiers for 2m and 70cm

SDR: SDR Play 2
Member: Drowned Rats Radio Group, RSGB, DARC, G-QRP, UK Microwave Group, UK Six Metre Group, Worked All Britain.

73 Carl, M0ICR