Welcome to my amateur radio and electronics Blog. My name is Carl and I live between Northwood and Rickmansworth on the Greater London / Hertfordshire border. This new blog was started 26th December 2020 although I am in the process of transferring some of the more interesting posts from my old Blogspot pages. My main radio interests are:

* VHF to SHF DXing and contesting
* HF Dxing, digital modes and contesting (particularly RTTY contesting)
* Equipment and antenna construction, including homebrew and kits

My personal contest callsign is G2K. When contesting with ‘The Rats’ you may hear me using either our club call G3RAT or our club contest call G2D, we also have the club call M0HRF but that is used somewhat less now that we have been issued G3RAT.

I am proud to be a founding member of the Drowned Rats Radio Group, if you want to know more about the Rats check out our webpage at About Us | Drowned Rats Radio Group (g3rat.com). We are VHF and above enthusiasts (although we also do some HF!), we do contesting and more. Recruiting now!

We are always looking for new members to join the team

We welcome newcomers and old-hands alike, full training is given and we have a lot of fun! If you are in the UK and would like more information including how to get involved in the weekly VHF-SHF activity contests and/or to come out with us on one of our field events please contact us on the link above or feel free to email me direct. If you’re new to VHF and above contesting in the UK check out my beginners guide here.

BARTG RTTY HF Contest 2022 – Results

Very pleased to see my BARTG RTTY score, operating with my contest callsign G2K.
RX/TX: Icom 7600 /
Amplifier: Acom 1010 at 300W
* 80m – Inverted L
* 40m – Dipole and 1/4 wave vertical
* 20m, 15m – Dipole
* 10m – Dipole and 5/8 wave vertical

5th in World – Single Operator All Bands

3rd in Europe – SIngle Operator All Bands and top UK station!

My Certificate

My 5 band fan dipole

Spacers are 3D printed from my own design (printed in Black PETG for uV protection)
Spacing between each element is 10cm (4″). The spacers (21cm long):

The mast top piece is also 3D printed in PETG:

Email me if you would like the STL files for the spreaders and mast top piece. At £20 a roll of PETG the spreaders cost 17p each, the mast head piece 29p. Less than a cup of Costa Coffee – a total of 18 spreaders. The spacers were printed on my Anycubic Vyper 3D printer.

The mast is a DX Commander Classic mast available from M0MCX at DX Commander here.

Approximate radiation pattern on a Great Circle Map from my home QTH:

The great circle maps were generated here: https://ns6t.net/azimuth/azimuth.html
I know the radiation patterns are not totally accurate, but they’re good enough!