UPDATE: S9OK – Eventually broke the pile-up!

Looks like he didn’t get his signal report the first time!

20+ stations calling S9OK in Sao Tome & Principe on every ‘over’ (and that’s just the one’s I could decode!)

David was using FT4 but on two frequencies (NOT F&H so I assume he was using MSHV to get two transmissions per over.

More information on the S9OK DXpedition is at dxnews here: https://dxnews.com/s9ok/

Checking the log I see that I have actually worked the island twice before (both 2019), the previous QSO were on 20m and 60m.

Interesting article: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/sao-tome-and-principe-africa/index.html

Ten things you didn’t know about Sao Tome and Principe:



Also worked on 20m, nice to see the QSO in ClubLog Live!

Digital Modes awards

There are about half a dozen Digital Modes club offering colourful awards for simply uploading your log and it being compared against their database. The awards are off course completely useless as far as DXCC as so on is concerned but they are at least colourful! I’ve printed a couple out to add some colour to the shack alongside DXCC and various ‘proper’ contest certificates.

For uploading my log and applying for awards I use the excellent Ultimate AAC application available here:

EPC-Member Center (epc-mc.eu)