YouTube choice and archive links

Just links to some of my favourite YouTube channels:

George Dobbs G3RJV (SK)
QRP Why and How
Callum at DX Commander
TX Factor
Includes Today@8, Convention presentations and much more

Specific videos I enjoy

QRP How and Why – George Dobbs G3RJV (SK)
Evolution of QRP Labs
Tour of QRP Labs
Tuning up the QCX
Hans Summers – QRP Labs – at the G-QRP Convention 2020
Steve G0KYA on Propagation tools at G-QRP Convention 2020
Alan Wolke W2AEW: VNAs Explained and the NanoVNA at G-QRP Convention 2020
RSGB 2020 Convention Online presentation – VHF propagation and weather
RSGB 2020 Convention Online presentation – Why radio and weather go together
RSGB Convention lecture 2015 – Clean up your shack

2019 follow-up:
and extended slide-deck here.

RSGB 2018 Convention lecture – VHF Baluns: Fact and Fancy

Radio Preppers and the QDX