My 5 band fan dipole

Spacers are 3D printed from my own design (printed in Black PETG for uV protection)
Spacing between each element is 10cm (4″). The spacers (21cm long):

The mast top piece is also 3D printed in PETG:

Email me if you would like the STL files for the spreaders and mast top piece. At £20 a roll of PETG the spreaders cost 17p each, the mast head piece 29p. Less than a cup of Costa Coffee – a total of 18 spreaders. The spacers were printed on my Anycubic Vyper 3D printer.

The mast is a DX Commander Classic mast available from M0MCX at DX Commander here.

Approximate radiation pattern on a Great Circle Map from my home QTH:

The great circle maps were generated here:
I know the radiation patterns are not totally accurate, but they’re good enough!