Playing with the uSDX

Intrigued by the potential I have converted a spare 40m QCX from QRP Labs into an SSB transceiver, it’s not without it’s issues but it’s remarkable piece of coding. Here’s mine boxed up (groovy orange 44870 LCD unit!).

An earlier manifestation of my build, do you think I need a bigger VFO knob?

Here’s a short video of it working on receive:

Everyone loves Brew Dog IPA!

Here’s me playing with FT8 and the uSDX using an ancient laptop rescued from the bin!

Guido’s GitHub page full of QCX-SSB info, manual, schematic and firmware (*.ino):

If you want a technical explanation of the coding, look at Guido’s page here noting this began with work on a RPi back in 2013:

The latest version of the QCX is this QCX Mini and Hans has kindly included a PCB module to enable the uSDX to be built into the Mini. Alternatively you can ‘go the full hog’ and build the uSDX ‘sandwich’, full details are at the DL2MAN website here: DL2MAN´s HAM Radio Page – home of the uSDX Sandwich, it’s also worth checking-out DL2MAN’s YouTube channel here: Manuel K – YouTube

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