DP0GVN and DP0POL – Winter 2021/22

Nice that my peanut power WSPR from the QCX Mini is being heard in Antarctica again (great to also be heard in PY1 – Brazil).

In fact, it seems I am being received by both RX at the German Research station:

Curious that I am also being heard by the MV Polarstern in the North Atlantic (interesting that she’s not signing with the suffix maritime mobile, /MM) although she does seem to be moving south. Moving down south for the 21/22 season?

DPØGVN is a club station located at the German Antarctic Research Station “Neumayer III” in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.

A bit of research on Google: The vessel is en route to DE BRV>>ES PLA, sailing at a speed of 10.5 knots and expected to arrive there on Dec 16, 08:00.

Interesting that my WSPR also received by the Canadian Arctic station VY0ERC at the same time as I am being received in Antarctica. The QCX Mini 40m is a marvel!

12 December update

Making good progress:

Update 13 December 22

Not too strong but only 100mW tonight with the QRP Labs Ultimate 3 transmitter

Update 14 December 22

Still been received by the German Neumayer Station III in Antarctica

Update 15 December 2021

Update 16 December 2021

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