QRP Labs QLG2 module arrived

Delighted by QRP Labs QLG2 GPS module and patch antenna arrived this morning. Especially pleased because the item is has gone of of stock in the last few days as Hans is having supply problems with the microcontroller due to the current global semiconductor chip shortage. The microcontroller is based on a 32-bit STM32 ARM processor.

With optional 16×02 LCD diplay:

Features of the QLG2:

  • Supply voltage range 3.3 to 6V.
  • Board 80 x 37mm (Same as Ultimate3S, VFO and Clock kits).
  • Multi GNSS satellite constellation receiver supports GPS (US), Galileo (Europe),
  • GLONASS (Russia) and Beidou (Chinese) – (default GPS + Beidou) – giving a faster
  • more accurate position fix – Module is E108-GN01 (GK9501 GNSS chip set)
  • • Serial to USB converter, using onboard USB B connector, for convenient interface to
  • PC software if required – no drivers required. Jumpers select either the GPS serial
  • data, or your own externally connected serial data, for example you could use this as
  • a USB to Serial data converter for CAT control of QCX, QCX+ and QCX-mini
  • transceivers.
  • • Can optionally be connected to a standard 1602 LCD, in the same style as the
  • Ultimate3S, VFO and Clock kits, to GPS date, time and satellite information using
  • the onboard microcontroller.
  • • Supplied with included magnetic-mount active antenna, approx 2m coax and SMA
  • connectors
  • • Supply voltage range 3.3 to 6V.
  • • Board 80 x 37mm (Same as, and compatible with, Ultimate3S, VFO and Clock kits).
  • • Onboard LEDs for status indication: Red (Power), Yellow (Serial data) and Green
  • (PPS).
  • • 2.8 to 5V logic level conversion to provide 5V serial data for full compatibility with all
  • QRP Labs kits.
  • • Supports 2.8/3.3V logic OR 5V logic (jumper wire selected)
  • • SMD assembly already undertaken by factory facility – only SMA connector, and
  • optional USB B connector to solder.
  • • Space provided for optional ultra-capacitor for faster hot-start

The QLG2 will be used to provide the GPS controlled time synch signal for both my QCX range of QRP Labs transceivers and also my Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon. I’ll post ‘build and boxing’ images here soon. I am considering adding the device to a clock module using a 20×4 LCD display for more information including Maidenhead locator, Lat and Lon and altitude.

The clock module is available here: http://shop.qrp-labs.com/clock

Once back in stock the GPS receiver module can be purchased here: http://shop.qrp-labs.com/qlg2
In the meantime, Hans has temporarily replaced the module with a QLG2-SE which provides the same functionality as the QLG2 without the microcontroller functionality. http://shop.qrp-labs.com/kits/QLG2SE

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