UPDATE: S9OK – Eventually broke the pile-up!

Looks like he didn’t get his signal report the first time!

20+ stations calling S9OK in Sao Tome & Principe on every ‘over’ (and that’s just the one’s I could decode!)

David was using FT4 but on two frequencies (NOT F&H so I assume he was using MSHV to get two transmissions per over.

More information on the S9OK DXpedition is at dxnews here: https://dxnews.com/s9ok/

Checking the log I see that I have actually worked the island twice before (both 2019), the previous QSO were on 20m and 60m.

Interesting article: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/sao-tome-and-principe-africa/index.html

Ten things you didn’t know about Sao Tome and Principe:



Also worked on 20m, nice to see the QSO in ClubLog Live!

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