Tracking DP0POL/MM as she heads South

Update ~19 – 0015 19th Feb 2021

It’s been a while since I fired up the QCX Mini on 40m WSPR but delighted to see the DP0POL/MM is receiving my signals again 🙂

Update ~18 – 1400 24th Jan 2021

Today the RV Polar Stern leaves the German Antarctic Research Station and heads from Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.

Update #17 – 2145 20th Jan 2021

Still being received by RV Polarstern and the Research Station.

Update #16 – 1600 20th Jan 2021

Update #15 – 1930 19th Jan 2021

Update #14 – 1700 19th Jan 2021

Update #13 – 2245 18th Jan 2021

Update #12 – 2200 18th Jan 2021

Two way QSO with DP0POL/MM on 30m FT8 (80W using Icom 7300)

Update #11 – 2130 18th Jan 2021

Update #10 – 0900 18th Jan 2021

Update #9 – 2100 17th Jan 2021

Almost there:

RV Polar Stern now almost at the Research Station and still copying my 5W beacon!

…. about 100Km to go:

Good conditions on 40m, great spots for 5w QCX-Mini:

Update #8 – 2100 16th Jan 2021

Delighted to say that the RV Polar Stern has picked up my 5W beacon, perhaps for the final day as she closes in to the German Antarctic Research Station, less than 1000Km to go! Nice to see that the station itself (GVN) is also continuing to hear me!

Update #7 – 0700 16th Jan 2021

It’s a few days since I posted an update. I’ve not been heard by the ship for a little while now. It’s still a couple of days before she arrives in Antarctica so hopefully I will get another reception report from her before then. In the meantime the WSPR beacon from the QCX Mini is working well on 40m with multiple spots from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii etc. Pleasingly the German research at Antarctica (DP0GVN) continues to receive my beacon with little difficulty:

Spots this morning:

Update #6 – 0600 11th Jan 2021

At over 10,000Km from London the RV PolarStern continues to hear my tiny WSPR beacon on 40m

From the vessel:

Update #5 – 0015 9th Jan 2021

Interesting tonight to not only be heard by DP0POL/MM but also to hear and decode their transmissions.

For something different this VOCAP ‘wheel’ shows the probability of the path between M0ICR and DP0POL/MM on 40m WSPR as currently 80-90%:

HF Conditions are not great with the current MUF for south England at around 7MHz (40m)

From the vessel:

Update #4 – 2000 6th Jan 2021

PolatStern DP0POL/MM continues it’s journey South and the radio station onboard continues to receive my 40m beacon from the QCX Mini.

The ship is now well over 8000Km away, I wonder if I will manage to ‘reverse’ track her all the way to the Antarctic?

Update #3 – 0700 5th Jan 2021

This time a Google Earth View showing the position from which DP0POL/MM PolarStern has heard my 40m beacon:

Tracks 30th Dec 2020 to 5th Jan 2021

Update #22100 3nd Jan 2021

Update #1 1900 2nd Jan 2021
RV Polarstern has just started picking up my QCX Mini 40m WSPR beacon again.

Heading South!

I’ll keep transmitting my WSPR Beacon from the QCX Mini and see if the RV Polarstern can continue to receive me.

0850 UTC 2nd Jan 2021

Felix Riess, DL5XL is currently active as DP0POL/MM from Research Vessel “Polarstern” on route to the South Atlantic and Antarctica to conduct ‘Research Programme 123 and 134’.

Info here:

* Neumayer III Research Station in Antarctica (DP0GVN) 18th Jan 21
* Port Stanley (Falkland Islands) 1st Feb 21

Fascinating to see the RV Polarstern receiving my tiny WSPR signals (from the QCX Mini on 40) as she makes her way south. Spots of my signal from the vessel in the last 24 hours (2nd Jan 21):

Current Spots from the QCX Mini to the PolarStern as t 0800UTC 2nd Jan 21.

Not for this expedition (this video is from 2017) but shows the RV Polarstern on mission. Amazing!

Polarstern Expedition to Amundsen Sea 2017

Reference material on the Polarstern
Information sheet:

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